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Judy Schulte - Telescan Support Services Technician and Field Engineering Team Lead

Judy Schulte credits her career in customer service to being an IBM brat as a child. Her father was a customer service representative at IBM's operations in the McDonnell Douglas Corporation aerospace plant in St. Louis, Missouri. Besides being an involved parent, he had a habit of bringing home the latest computer technology to show his seven children. He also cultivated troubleshooting skills and instilled a strong work ethic in his children. Retired from IBM, he still provides IT support for a local school at age eighty-five.

Judy attended Florissant Valley Community College in suburban St. Louis before embarking on her first career, that of a stay-at-home mom raising two sons while volunteering with animal rescue groups and building web sites and other computer-related work for several non-profit organizations.

A firm believer in compassionate customer service, Judy reinforced that belief when she took a job with a St. Louis call center. Tasked with answering technical support calls from Comcast cable internet customers, she disliked the practice of "getting them off the phone as fast as you can," preferring to resolve issues to the best of her ability.

Judy briefly worked with Victor Kelley at her call center job. When Victor moved to a support job with Telescan, he didn't wait long before recommending that Telescan hire Judy. She joined the Telescan team in December 2008. She initially provided technical support for customers, but soon added product documentation to her responsibilities.

Judy shouldered more of the support workload after Victor and Bob Zoellner left Telescan in a six-week span in 2015. This led to her being named lead technician on Amtelco Field Engineering's Telescan support team, and to her involvement in training the Amtelco technicians assigned to the team. Judy was rewarded for her efforts with Amtelco's 2015 Customer Service Person of the Year award.


December 2012 AMTELCO and Telescan Announce Merger Agreement

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