The world is a very dangerous place, and it seems to be getting more dangerous every year. Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and fires are in the news every day. Many local, but very destructive disasters never even make the news. How well would your business survive a major disaster? Do you know the per-minute cost of owntime, planned or unplanned for your call center? A backup plan will get you back online, but how long will it take? Although you may never be able to prepare for all possibilities, smart business owners are taking steps to put in place a reliable disaster recovery plan.

Telescan’s Phoenix Back-Up Server keeps your business up and running when disaster strikes. Phoenix lets you continue operation with minimal interruption. Phoenix goes beyond backup. It protects you, not only against a hard drive crash, but also against mother board failure, power supply failure, memory failure, OS corruption and a host of other things that can bring a server down. Phoenix helps you sleep at night knowing that you are not gambling with your critical business data. The Phoenix software suite allows server replication and failover capabilities for the Telescan class of servers. In the event of a primary server outage, planned or unplanned, Phoenix allows a secondary server to stand in.

Phoenix Back-Up Server gives you:

  • Maximum availability with little to no impact to the end users.
  • The ability to continue to operate with current data at all times
  • The ability to work with any combination of all three Telescan server classes
  • Backup of SQL providing maximum availability/uptime for all Telescan Web applications
  • Peace of mind knowing that you have a functional backup of all of your mission-critical apps and data.


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