If you are looking for a way to improve service to your funeral home customers, Telescan has the answer. Updating obituaries and memorials for funeral home clients is not only time consuming, but costly for your client. Telescan’s Spectrum Funeral Home Manager will change that. Spectrum Funeral Home Manager allows the funeral home's staff to log in and edit their message, adding necessary information on services and memorials.

Telescan’s Spectrum Funeral Home Manager will reduce errors and make the call information more accurate by allowing funeral home staff to key in the pertinent information. Spectrum Funeral Home Manager is a Web based application that allows your funeral home clients to create and maintain a database of information about funeral arrangements.

This information is then accessible to your operators so they can view the updated funeral arrangement information whenever a call comes in. The information is displayed in a uniform format, making it easier for your operators to find the exact information requested.

Spectrum Funeral Home Manager is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Your administrator creates an account for each funeral home
  2. Funeral home staff enters information about funeral arrangements into the database
  3. Your operators access and relay information about the funeral arrangements to callers.

Spectrum Funeral Home Manager gives you:

  • An opportunity to increase service to funeral home clients
  • The ability to allow funeral home personnel to enter their own data, eliminating operator error
  • Reduced operator time managing funeral home clients
  • Increased profitability from funeral home clients


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