Telescan Users Talk About Training

Tina Wilkerson came all the way from Florence to attend Telescan’s Level 1 Technical Training. Florence, Alabama, that is. Tina was one of three people from Tele-Sec to attend the training. “The training gave me a much better ‘big picture’ of the system,” said Tina, Tele-Sec’s IT manager. “Now I can follow a call all the way through the system. It will also help me diagnose and solve problems on my own. “

Nine Telescan users attended the Telescan Technical Certification Level 1 Training, March 13 – 15 at Telescan in St. Louis. The class covered an overview of the Spectrum system architecture, general telephony, basic networking, system hardware and essential spares, environment and system monitoring, routine maintenances and updates, and remote support.

Mike Bloomberg, owner of Medical Dental in Youngstown, Ohio, said, “I upgraded to Spectrum in 2010 and I wanted to know everything there is to know about the system from the operator’s function to identify and resolving problems. To manage my company well, I need to thoroughly understand the equipment and every program. I also learned different ways to do things from the other Telescan users in the class. This was great. I’m looking forward to continuing with the Level 2 Training.”

“One of the benefits of training for me was working with the Telescan service staff,” said Bill Sabol of Industrial Communications in Odessa, Texas. “It was great to meet the people I rely on for service. Now I have a much better understanding of how the programs interact and work together. I know I will be able to trouble shoot much better.”

Rod Schell of Mobilpage in St. Joseph, Missouri, said it gave him the chance to learn more about the operator side of the business. “Before this training I didn’t really know much about the operator side,” he said. “Now I understand the operator function much better, and I know that different programs use different technology. I will be able to diagnosis a problem much better,” Rod added.

At the end of the course, attendees took a 133 question test. A passing score of 80% or better was required for attendee to receive a certificate of achievement. Level 2 Technical Training will be July 23 – 27 in St. Louis. The next Level 1 Technical Training will be September 12 - 14.