What TUNe is Playing?

TUNe is not a new music group, but they are always singing the praises of Telescan. TUNe stands for Telecommunications User’s Network. It is a group of call center owners and managers across the U.S. who conducts business with Telescan equipment. TUNe members work directly with Telescan management to help develop equipment and improve performance. Currently about 75% of Telescan users are members of TUNe.

Robbie Parnell, of Medcom in Columbia, SC, is in his second year as President of TUNe. Robbie has been a Telescan user since 1994. “Through the TUNe network,” Robbie said, “we conduct field testing on products being developed at Telescan. We are currently working on VoIP products. This is a major technology shift for our industry. TUNe set up a committee to explore VoIP with Telescan. We have been working directly with Roger Young, Telescan President, to discover areas of technology that will make our business more productive. It’s a great system for us and Telescan.”

Robbie and his group have recently completed a new logo for TUNe and a new website: http://www.tunegroup.net. Members can share ideas or ask questions through the web server. They even have a Telescan “wish list” of products or improvements they’d like Telescan to develop.

“It’s great to share with other Telescan users,” said Robbie. “If you post any question about your system or business operation, chances are you’ll get 20 answers from other TUNe members. Sharing ideas about your Telescan system makes us all more efficient.”

TUNe also sells keyboards and conducts webinars for their members. They hold an annual meeting in the fall. The next meeting will be September 9, 10 and 11 in St. Charles, Missouri. In 2013, the annual meeting will be moved to May.

For more information about TUNe you can check their website: http://www.tunegroup.net..