Telescan was founded in 1976 by TAS business owners, George and Judy Meyer. They wanted to find a better way to operate their TAS system. Together they created Telescan to make TAS businesses more efficient and profitable. From the beginning, Telescan products were designed with a philosophy to be the best in the industry and keep your business up and running 24/7.

Through the years, Telescan’s technology has continued to evolve. In 1990, Telescan introduced the Spectrum system and embraced the digital age. Telescan’s talented staff has continued to introduce new products and enhancements to the Spectrum system. Today they remain as dedicated as ever to keeping their users on the leading edge of technology.


Today’s Telescan is led by President, Roger Young who first came to Telescan in 2002. Roger, with Telescan’s experienced and dedicated staff, is committed to keeping Telescan ahead of technology, developing new products to help TAS businesses decrease operating expenses and increase profits. Telescan was developed by TAS owners for TAS owners. We remain dedicated to the TAS industry, and to keeping Your Business in Business.



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