Spectrum Information Server provides secure, password-protected Internet access to client-specificinformation including; messages and on-call schedules. It allows your clients to access their information over the Internet using a Web browser. An RSS feed allows client notification which can reduce or eliminate the need for scheduled faxing and emailing of messages. Telescan’s RSS is the TiVO of the TAS industry. Telescan’s Web applications control access to various kinds of information. Messages are posted to the Web by Spectrum Data Manager as they are taken or modified. Clients log in to your web site using a user name and a password you supply.

Each login ID can be configured to access messages from one or more accounts. Messages are separated as“read” and “unread”, and can be sorted by date/time or recipient. Message detail can be accessed with a mouse click. If so configured, Spectrum Data Manager can mark its copy of the messages as “delivered” when marked as “read” by your client over the Web. If they choose, your clients can be granted Web access to messages for varying lengths of time, allowing them to maintain their own “archive”.

Spectrum Information Server gives you:


  • Standards-based hardware and software
  • Secure administration tools


  • Scalable within any Windows® operating system supporting Microsoft Internet Information Server and the .NET architecture


  • Accessible from any Web browser
  • Display Support of PDA and mobile devices
  • Access provided to messages, orders, on-call schedule editor, and call reports
  • Custom Web advertisements


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