Spectrum Messenger provides secure, encrypted communications across a local-area network and the Internet. It can be used with any TAS or call-center system, or as a stand-alone intraoffice communication medium. Spectrum Messenger is much more than a “chat” program. It allows you to define agent, supervisor, and group capabilities that streamline its operation to your needs. High encryption guarantees network messaging security and allows for worry-free communication of sensitive information.

“ I found that when it comes to ‘needing information now’, ‘keeping it private’, and ‘documenting it’, Spectrum Messenger excels over email, voice mail, intercom, and even some face to face communication.” Steve Herrmann President, Herrmann Benefit Consultants

Desktop Activity Monitor

With this state-of-the-art feature you will be able to visually monitor any desktop using Spectrum Messenger connected to the local network. Desktop images can be viewed as thumbnails in any size or can be viewed in actual size. You can select who is authorized to monitor desktop activity or add multiple authorizations. In addition, desktop monitoring can be blocked on a desktop-by-desktop basis.

With Spectrum Messenger you can:

  • Allow call agents and supervisor to instantly interact
  • Broadcast text messages to recipients in a defined group or to all users
  • Send messages to “offline” agents and supervisors for retrieval at their next sign-on
  • Selectively distribute document files, locally or over the Internet
  • Be notified of events using a flexible, built-in Reminder Management feature
  • Select from standard, business, or enterprise editions


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