Telescan Listens to Their Users. You Should, Too.

If you want to know how well Telescan keeps our users moving forward, listen to what they say:

Marcy Hewlett, A Better Connection, Gilbert, AZ

In business since 2001

24 seats

Telescan user since 2001

“Telescan listens to their clients. When I have a client with a special need, I know I can pick up the phone and talk to someone at Telescan and they will find a solution. Telescan’s research and development is driven by their users’ requests. That is very different. Telescan is truly geared to help us be successful.”


Dave Byrnes, Byrnes Message Bureau, Poughkeepsie, NY

In business since 1975

9 seats

Telescan user since 2006

We had to upgrade when Caddo stopped supporting DOS. We found Telescan had everything we wanted and it cost less. The operator interface was closest to what we were used to and the SMS was a very important feature to our business. Telescan is continually coming out with new features that give us more to offer our clients. But, most importantly, Telescan is more responsive than our previous vendor. Telescan is even helping us pursue some new big accounts. They have made it possible for us to pitch big accounts we were previously unable to service. That makes a huge difference to the future of our business.”

Debbie Bibber, AB Universal Messaging, Nebraska and New Jersey

In business since 1971

12 seats

Telescan user since 1999

“Telescan is a good system, but even better people. I know nearly everyone at Telescan from the switch board operator to the president. If I have a suggestion, I know there is someone who will listen to my ideas and make changes. No other vendor can say that. I also like their constant innovations, particularly the Spectrum Messenger. Since I have two locations, the Messenger has been very helpful to my business. The Information Server saves valuable time with schedules. Telescan is always looking for ways to make my business more efficient.”

John Robinson, Answering Service, Inc., Southfield, Michigan

In business since 1928

36 seats

Telescan user since 2007

“There were several reasons why we switched to Telescan. First, they answered all my questions honestly. Second, I liked the stability of the Telescan system. This was very important to us. Third, the hardware is not proprietary. That means I can easily add or replace any piece of hardware myself in an emergency. I was also impressed with their dedication to ongoing development. We get two updates yearly, with new features and enhancements to current features. But most importantly, I know the people at Telescan by name, and I know I can give any of them a call, day or night if I need to. And, I know they will listen to my concern and find a solution.”



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