Our training goal at Telescan is to equip your Management, Supervisory and Lead Staff members with a solid foundation of understanding which will ensure your ability to utilize the Spectrum system to its fullest potential. Armed with a basic understanding of the Spectrum system, your Key Staff Members will have the knowledge necessary to establish an on-going Training Program to be administered to your present and future Operator staff.

Operator Training CD

We will send you a Spectrum Operator Interactive Training CD-ROM, to assist you with the introduction and training of your operations into the Spectrum system. The CD is a self-paced, interactive tutorial complete with retention quizzes and progress reports. The CD is an excellent jump-start to preparing your operators for the arrival of your new Spectrum system. Operators will be ready to answer calls after the first lesson!

Our Training Program

Depending on the training services specified in your contract, Telescan provides Management and Operator Functions Training to your Management/Supervisory staff. Our training program is a train-the-trainer program that consists of 4 consecutive days of initial training, conducted by a qualified Telescan Trainer. In order to facilitate a 4-day onsite training process, you must agree to provide the following:

Review of your Spectrum Operator Interactive Training CD-Rom before the trainers arrival to familiarize yourself with your new system, this will provide more time for optimal administrative and advanced features of the system.

2 (no more than 3) key staff members only – we train your trainers to train your operators.

Trainees should be prepared to fully participate in the training without interruption to maximize the effectiveness of the learning experience.

A private or isolated area set apart from regular operations used for training purposes only that will accommodate space for at least 2 PC ’s.

You may also receive cut-over support during the installation with both a Telescan installation technician and a Telescan trainer as specified in your contract.

Continuing Education 

In order to continue our commitment to excellence, Telescan provides one day per month of advanced management functions training at our St. Louis facility to members of our customer support program FREE OF CHARGE. If you are interested, we will be happy to provide further details and answer any questions you may have.

For further assistance, whether Technical or Software related, please contact us at: (314) 426-7662. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and we look forward to building a lasting relationship with you and your staff.

Sincerely, Telescan Training Department Click below to View the Training Topics (PDF)

Training Topics (12 KB)



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